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Chutney Moe's Platter£5.95Add +Combination of Lamb/Chicken Tikka, Onion Bhaji, Sheek Kebab, Somosa, tandoori wing served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori Chicken£3.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Sheek Kebab/Shamie Kebab£3.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Reshmie Kebab£3.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Chicken/Lamb tikka£3.75Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Chicken/Lamb Momo£4.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Pepper Prawn£3.25Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Lamb Chops (2pcs)£4.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Fish Tikka£4.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Duck Tikka£4.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Onion Bhaji£3.25Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Meat Somosa£3.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Vegetable Somosa£3.25Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Prawn Puri£4.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori King Prawn£5.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
King Prawn Puri£5.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
King Prawn Butterfly£5.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
King Prawn Suka£5.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Chutney Moe's Grilled Peppers£4.95Add +Chicken/Lamb cooked with special recipes stuffed in Peppers
Chicken/Lamb Chat Puri£4.25Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Aloo Chat Puri£3.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Chicken Pakora£4.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Garlic Mushrooms£3.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Poneer tikka£3.95Add +Grilled Indian cheese served with salad and mint sauce
Prawn Cocktail£3.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Malagoyony Soup£3.50Add +Lentil soup
Tandoori Specialities
Chicken or Lamb Tikka£6.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shashlick£8.95Add +Grill meat with grill peppers & onions served with salad and mint sauce
Duck Tikka£9.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori Chicken£7.50Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori Lamb Chops£9.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori King Prawns£9.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori Fish Tikka£8.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Poneer Shashlick£8.95Add +Grilled indian cheese served with salad and mint sauce
Vegetable Shashlick£7.50Add +Grilled mix vegetables served with salad and mint sauce
Duck Tikka Shashlick£9.95Add +served with salad and mint sauce
Tandoori Mix Grill£10.95Add +Variety of mix grill meats served with naan, salad and mint sauce
Chutney Moe's Chef Special
Lamb Xcuti£8.95Add +This dish has won the best dish of the year
Naga Chilli Mossala£8.95Add +Chicken or lamb cooked with special Bangladeshi naga chilli paste and herbs. a very hot dish
Tandoori Mix Curry£8.95Add +Off the bone chicken and sheek kebab marinated in special mint leaf sauce, fresh spicy medium thick sauce, fried onions, fried gingers, garlic sauce, yoghurt & coriander
Chicken Paniree£8.95Add +Breast of chicken with fresh herbs & home made cheese with a creamy sauce
Mango Chicken£8.95Add +Rich exotic mango pulp cooked with almond, coconut and fresh cream. very mild
Chicken Nawabi Special£8.95Add +Chicken or meat cooked with special home made spices, tomato, cucumber, garlic sauce thick sauce
Bengal Fish Special£9.95Add +Prepared separately in a special thick home made sauce. cooked wiht Indian herb, coriander, green chilli sauce and yoghurt. Slightly hot
Bombay Duck£8.95Add +Fairly hot cooked with egg, tomatoes and potatoes
Chutney Moe's Special£8.95Add +Off the bone tandoori chicken cooked with almond, coconut sauce and fresh cream in buttery sauce
Keema Aloo Massala£8.25Add +Mince meat cooked with dices of potatoes, fried onions, tomato base, coriander, ginger, yogurt sauce in thick gravy
Garlic Tandoori£8.95Add +Spring chicken marinated in garlic, coriander, ginger, onion, capsicum and tomato sauce
Chutney Moe's Honey Chicken£8.95Add +Rich texture of honey, cooked with almonds, coconut and fresh cream
Royal Lamb Shank£10.95Add +Served with a succulent piece of shank with chutney moe's special gravy sauce. Served medium hot. Served with small rice
Nilgiri (Green) Curry£9.95Add +Spicy Green Curry with fresh lime made with lamb or chicken spiced with coriander leaves, mint and coconut
Lamb Laziz£8.95Add +A very popular dish, succulent lamb finely chopped marinated with tandoor spiced. Cooked with garlic & tomato base. Served medium hot
Kebab Cocktail Bahar£9.95Add +Chunks of lamb tikka, chicken tikka, shish kebab topped with onion, capsicum, green chillies & fresh coriander. Fairly hot
Moe's Jinga Delight£11.95Add +Mouth watering shell cooked tandoori king prawns with More's special homemade sauce. Rich tangy. Served fairly hot
SilSila£8.95Add +Succulent lamb/chicken cooked in Chutney Moe's rich tangy special sauce.fairly hot
Massala Chops£9.95Add +Succulent Lamb chops cooked with tangy sauce, yogurt with tomato base. Fairly hot
Moe Sagwan£8.95Add +Chicken/ lamb tikka cooked with mince meat. Green chillies, tomato & coriander
Pathilla Special£8.95Add +Grilled tender chicken/ lamb cooked with mint sauce, yogurt, given it rich spicy tangy flavour. Fairly hot
Sali£8.95Add +Tender chicken/ lamb cooked medium spice. Marinated over night served with homemade potatoe fries
Chicken Darjiling£8.95Add +Served medium base onions and garlic with ground spiced decorated with homemade onion rings.
House Specialities
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Mossala£7.95Add +
Tandoori Butter chicken£7.95Add +
Chicken/Lamb Passanda£7.95Add +A creamy mild dish with minty tastes
Mirchi Murgh£7.95Add +Very hot chicken dish garnished with fresh green chillies and blend of spices
Tava Ghost Lohori£7.95Add +Tender pieces of lamb covered with exotic blend of spices, crushed garlic./ginger and herbs with fresh tomatoes and capsicums and coriander
South Indian Garlic Chicken£7.95Add +
Methi£7.95Add +Cooked with fenugreek spiced and with special tender chicken/lamb
Ceylon£7.95Add +A very hot coconut base dish
Traditional Dishes
Medium Curry£5.25Add +Produced from a wide but basic range of oriental spices
Korma Dishes£5.25Add +Prepared with ground almonds, coconut & cream. Mild
Dupiaza dishes£5.25Add +Spicy curry with loads of fresh onions. Medium
Rogan Dishes£5.25Add +Spicy curry cooked with ginger, garlic & fresh tomato. Medium
Madras£5.25Add +A hot dish from Southern India. Highly spiced curry
Vindaloo Dishes£5.25Add +A very hot dish from Southern India. Highly spiced curry
Sag Dishes£5.25Add +spicy curry cooked with spinach, onions, garlic & dhaniya. Medium
Bhuna Dishes£5.25Add +A dry curry with fresh tomatoes, ginger, garlic & herbs. Medium
Balti Dishes
Balti Dishes£6.95Add +All balti dishes specially cooked with tomatoes, fresh coriander, herbs & balti sauce-medium but can be any strength on request. Served Medium
Pathia & Dansak
Pathia£5.95Add +spicy curry cooked with garlic lemon juice & herbs. Sweet & sour.
Dansak£5.95Add +Spicy curry cooked with lentils Sweet & sour.
Jalfrezi & Koral Dishes
Jalfrezi£5.95Add +Cooked with capsicum, coriander, fresh chillies, tomatoes Medium
Koral£5.95Add +very rich cooked with cheese ginger garlic & green peppers. Medium
Biryani Dishes
Biryani Dishes£7.95Add +Cooked with basmati rice, herbs & spices. All dishes are served with vegetable curry. Medium
Vegetable Sides
Bombay Aloo
£3.25Add +
Sag Aloo£3.25Add +
Bindi Bhaji£3.25Add +
Brinjal Bhaji£3.25Add +
Cauliflower Bhaji£3.25Add +
Vegetable curry£3.25Add +
Niramish (Dry veg)£3.25Add +
Mushroom Bhaji£3.25Add +
Sag Bhaji£3.25Add +
Aloo Gobi£3.25Add +Potatoe & Cauliflower
Tarka Dhall£3.25Add +Runny lentils
Dhall Mossala£3.25Add +Thick lentils
Dhall Samba£3.25Add +Mix vegetables with lentils
Chana Mossala£3.25Add +Chickpeas with sauce
Chana Sag£3.25Add +Chickpeas with spinach
Aloo Peas£2.75Add +
Motor Ponir£3.25Add +Peas & cheese
Mushroom Peas Ponir£3.25Add +Mushroom, peas and cheese
Vegetable Ponir£3.25Add +
Side Dish (Please specify)£0.00Add +Please specify in the comment box
Plain Rice£2.50Add +
Pilau rice£2.75Add +
Lemon Rice£2.95Add +
Keema Rice£2.95Add +
Mushroom Rice£2.95Add +
Special Rice£2.95Add +
Shahi Rice£2.95Add +
Vegetable Rice£2.95Add +
Coconut rice£2.95Add +
Oriental Rice£3.50Add +
Garlic Rice£2.95Add +
Egg Rice£2.95Add +
Naan & Breads
Naan£2.20Add +
Keema Naan£2.75Add +
Peshwari Naan£2.75Add +
Chilli Naan£2.75Add +
Onion Naan£2.75Add +
Cheese Naan£2.75Add +
Vegetable Naan£2.75Add +
Balti Naan£2.75Add +
Tikka Naan£2.75Add +
Garlic chilli Naan£2.75Add +
Garlic Chilli Cheese Naan£2.95Add +
Paratha£2.50Add +
Stuffed Paratha£2.95Add +
Puri£1.50Add +
Tandoori Roti£2.20Add +
Chapatti£1.50Add +
Garlic Nan£2.75Add +
Chips£1.95Add +
Bottled Drinks£2.25Add +
Mint sauce£0.70Add +
Lime Pickle£0.70Add +
Tamarind Chutney£0.70Add +
Mango Chutney£0.70Add +
Onion Salad£0.70Add +
Green Salad£1.50Add +
Plain Poppadums£0.70Add +
Spiced Poppadums£0.70Add +
Raita£1.95Add +
Mixed Raita£2.95Add +
Massala Sauce£2.95Add +
Balti Sauce£2.95Add +
Phall Sauce£2.95Add +
Curry Sauce£2.95Add +
Madras Sauce£2.95Add +
Vindaloo Sauce£2.95Add +
Korma Sauce£2.95Add +
English Dishes
Omelette£5.95Add +Mushroom, prawn or cheese served with chips
Nuggets & Chips£5.95Add +6 chicken nuggets and chps served with chips and salad
Fried mushrooms£4.95Add +served with chips and salad
Scampi and Chips£5.95Add +served with chips and salad
Mint Leaf Special Meal Deals for 2
Mint Leaf Special Deal (A)£29.95Add +Chicken tikka, chicken chat puri, chicken tikka mossala balti, peshwari chicken, special rice, sag aloo and peshwari nan
Mint Leaf Special Deal (B)£31.95Add +Onion bhaji, sheek kebab, meat somosa, tandoori rezzela, tava gosth lahori, bombay aloo, keema rice & keema nan
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