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About Chutney Moes Waltham Cross

If you're looking forward to trying some authentic Indian dishes, then Chutney Moes will be your one-stop food destination. In fact, there's no other better place in Waltham Cross that serves finger-licking Indian recipes that are as delicious as ours. Not only each of our recipes is reasonably priced, but also they are extremely delicious too. Rest assured that you'll surely enjoy our amazing delicacies especially if you're fond of Indian recipes. Committed to delivering you the classic taste and authentic flavour, we have included a plenty of dishes in our catalogue that you can consider ordering. Even more, we have added a vast selection of both vegetarian menus and non-vegetarian dishes for our connoisseurs. So, whether you're looking for meat-special menus or strictly vegetarian meal options, Chutney Moes will be pleased to serve you. So, what's stopping you from placing an order with us? Please use our restaurant app and place an order with us right away.

Chutney Moes Waltham Cross Restaurant

Placing an order has been extremely easy and convenient nowadays. All you are required to install and use our apps in order to place your online orders. Prior to that, you're requested to have a look at our menu listing and select your preferred dishes. You can view the menu section and place an online order simply by using our mobile app. Not only our app is easy to use, but also it's absolutely free to download. Download our app now from the App store or Google Play store and confirm your orders. After the order confirmation, you are requested to collect the ordered dishes directly by visiting our outlet. Note, our restaurant is situated in the following address of Waltham Cross i.e. 284 High Street, Waltham Cross, EN8 7EA. Note, although we offer a quick takeaway option, we even provide a doorstep delivery service facility too. Now, hurry up & place your online orders.
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